illegalvoice beats for sale custom beats

Do you want custom beat? Did not you find one of my music that would suit your taste? Do you know what you want no one to accomplish? You are in the best possible position. Thanks to my many years of experience, I can create the right beat from a wide range of music industry. Your beat will be "Exclusive", will not be re-sold. 

The price starts with a custom beat, $299.99. 

Order process: 


Please contact me via the form below. Send your ideas. For ease of work, I need all the information you have imagined. If there are any music you like, please copy the link. Everything I need to do the most accurate work I can do for you. 


After filling out the form, I will send you an offer of your request. If both of us are satisfied, please send 50% of the price as an advance. 


When the advance has arrived and we have agreed on the deadline, I can start to make the beat that you want. 


As soon as we have agreed, I will soon send a preview of beat to make sure we are in the right direction. At this point, you can make the changes, otherwise I'll continue on. 


I send the music last time before the mix / mastering process begins. At this point I can still change the beat  to suit you. I would like to fully satisfy your needs. Once changes have been made and the client is happy with the overall structure of the beat, the track is then mixed, mastered and finalized. I also send you the split the mixer tracks/stems of the instrumental. 


After the final payment has been made, I email you the .mp3 and .wav forms of the finished custom beat as well as your "Exclusive" rights ownership document.


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