illegalvoice beats for sale graphics design

Do you want a new logo? Can not find the right template for your beats? I offer a graphic service option. Just go and fill the form below, and tell me what you want 

I can create album covers, Business cards, Drumkit mockups, Logos, banners, Youtube templates, headers…and so on. Just ask me. 

The price depends on your need, the deadline depends on the complexity of what you ask. 

Order Process: 


You will receive a quote from me, the things you ask for. If you agree, I need 50% down payment before starting work. 


After the advance has arrived, we will discuss the deadline and begin the work. 


Within a few days before the deadline, I will send the completed files in .jpg format to find out what to change. If all is correct, the second half of the purchase price is required to be sent. 


After the full purchase price has been settled, I send the project files by email. (.psd, .eps, .ai)

illegalvoice beats for sale design graphics logo photoshop template