illegalvoice beats for sale mix master

Do you want mix / mastering services at a reasonable price? You found what you are looking for. Before ordering the service, please read the instructions below. 

The price for mix/mastering a beat, $39.99

The price for mix/mastering a song, $69.99

I only start work, when I received the payment. 

File delivery: 

In the form below, please enter your details. Add the link to let me download .wav files in a .zip compressed file. Google Drive is a great way to transfer large files. If your file exceeds 2GB, you can send your files in more batches. 

(Only send files you want to mix with. I do not listen to what's not in the music.) 


Files should be mono or stereo .wav 16 or 24bit files, 44.1k or 48k. For mixing services it is essential that all your audio files/stems line up in the same place. Make sure your files contain no major pre or post production effects. Please provide a rough demo mix so our engineers can take your track in the desired direction. Feel free to include a few Youtube links or further audio files for your favorite artist references. 


You will receive a 24 bit .wav file of your final mastered song.

illegalvoice beats for sale mix master fl studio